NuFlow Indy’s technology works on all major piping materials, both inside and outside a property. Our trenchless, no-dig solutions are designed to save you time and money by avoiding damage, displacement and downtime. Our solutions also last longer than traditional pipe repairs, meaning fewer future disruptions.

These are examples of who we help most often. Give us a call at 317-777-6489 to talk about how we can help you or your organization. NuFlow Indy offers services all throughout Central Indiana.

Historical Neighborhoods

NuFlow Indy understands the value of preserving historical neighborhoods like Irvington, Broad Ripple and Fountain Square. Traditional pipe repair or replacement methods may do irreparable harm to historically significant aspects of buildings or infrastructure in these neighborhoods. Our trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology is specifically designed to avoid damage or disruption. We can repair, restore and modernize decades-old sewer systems while maintaining the historical integrity of the property.

Homebuyers & Residential Investors

Our camera inspections give peace of mind to homebuyers getting ready to make a life-changing purchase. Our cameras go underground, to spot pipe problems that traditional home inspections don’t cover. A simple NuFlow Indy inspection ensures the sewer system is in good shape and can help new homeowners avoid problems that could cost tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Multi-tenant Apartment Buildings

NuFlow Indy is the least disruptive and most cost-effective solution for pipe problems in an apartment building. Our methods are faster and less messy than traditional pipe repair, meaning less of an inconvenience to residents and more savings for building owners and property managers. Avoid displacements for residents with our trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology.


Doctors and nurses can’t stop providing life-saving healthcare because of a pipe problem. Traditional pipe repair or replacement methods could mean clearing out parts of the hospital and halting critical care. NuFlow Indy’s trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology allows healthcare workers to keep doing their jobs while we get the pipes working again. Our solutions are long-lasting, meaning fewer disruptions in the future. The NuFlow Indy team has experience working in healthcare environments that require unique attention and care.

Nursing Homes & Senior Living Communities

We have a very personal knowledge of how important it is not to disrupt the lives of men and women living in these communities. Our trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology means minimal mess and displacement for residents. Our long-lasting technology will also mean fewer disruptions in the future. The NuFlow Indy team has experience meeting the unique needs of nursing homes and senior living facilities, including taking necessary precautions to protect residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Traditional pipe work can cause a major mess that could require hotels to turn away guests or shut down certain amenities. NuFlow Indy’s trenchless, no-dig technology can fix your pipe problems with minimal mess and disruption to ensure your business stays up and running.

Schools & Universities

Our goal is to minimize any distraction for students and educators. Traditional pipe repair methods can keep students out of their classroom, dorm, gym or dining hall for lengthy periods of time. Our trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology reduces mess and time spent on a job, minimizing or eliminating the need for displacement and keeping your students on track. Our long-lasting solutions will reduce future disruptions as well.


Digging up streets and sidewalks to fix a municipality’s sewer problems can cause major disruptions to residents, business owners and commuters. NuFlow Indy’s no-dig, trenchless pipe repair can help municipalities solve their toughest infrastructure rehabilitation challenges while saving them time and money.

Commercial Buildings

Shutting down a business to fix pipe problems means lost revenue and missed customers on top of the cost of the actual repair. NuFlow Indy’s trenchless, no-dig pipe repair technology takes less time, creates less of a mess and lasts longer than traditional methods. This means less downtime and disruption to your business.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities have a unique environment and a much wider variety of piping systems and problems. NuFlow Indy aims to keep your machinery up and running while we fix your pipes. Our no-dig, trenchless pipe repair technology allows us to fix even the smallest or the largest problems without disruption to your factory or other industrial facility.