What to Do When Your Toilets and Sinks Are Flooding Your Home With Wastewater

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Toilets and sinks will backup and cause flooding in homes and office buildings as a result of being clogged or having collapsed pipes. At NuFlow Indy, the process of repairing these pipes has become more efficient and reliable. There are some tips to keep the damage to a minimum until we can arrive on your property and fix it as needed.

1. Turn Off the Water Services

To ensure that no additional water is released and floods your home, we recommend shutting off your water services. This can be done by locating the shut-off valve inside the meter box and turning it clockwise with a wrench. This prevents the water from being turned on and feeding the flood with more excess water.

2. Turn Off the Electricity to the Flooded Rooms

Whether your home is flooding from the bathroom or basement, it’s important to turn off the electricity leading to these rooms. The location of the breaker box varies from house to house, but once you find the box for your home, turn the switches to the flooding rooms off to prevent the risks of fires starting.

3. Lay Down Towels to Soak Up Excess Water on the Floors

If the water is pooling on the floors of your home or basement, it’s greatly encouraged to set down towels in order to try and mitigate the potential water damage. If the water is allowed to sit for too long, it can warp wood floors and seep into the foundation, creating problems that may need to be addressed at a later date.

Call us when your home is overflowing, and don’t waste time before we get there. With these steps, you can wait for the arrival of NuFlow Indy experts in safety and reassurance knowing that we will fix the problem while keeping the damage to an absolute minimum.

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