Cleaning out your pipes is always part of our sewer line rehabilitation process.We use a hydro-jet or mechanical clean to clear out roots, debris and corrosion that are clogging your pipes.This creates a smooth surface for our liner, ensuring it cures properly and creates a long-lasting “pipe-within-a-pipe”.

We can also clean out your sewer line when other repairs aren’t necessary. Sometimes your pipes may simply be clogged – without intruding roots, cracks or other problems requiring a new liner. Our hydro-jet or mechanical cleans ensure your pipes are clear and in their best operating condition. Hydro-jetting does not use any chemicals or require excavation.

Keep in mind, if roots are invading your pipes or corrosion is causing blockages, a cleaning will only solve the problem temporarily. While other companies may clear out your pipes repeatedly, we would recommend a one-time, long-lasting repair. Our trenchless, no-dig technology allows us to create a seamless “pipe-within-a-pipe” that solves backup problems, seals cracks, and prevents further corrosion and root intrusion.