We restore old, broken or corroded pipes to like-new condition without the need to remove or replace them. Our no dig, trenchless pipe lining technology  does not require any destruction to your property. This means less mess, less cost and minimal disruption.

If you have a failing pipe, a traditional plumber will remove it and replace it with a new pipe. This method often requires them to dig up and destroy your yard, driveway, street, trees and more.

NuFlow Indy eliminates the need for digging by lining old pipes instead of replacing them. We use existing access points (cleanouts, toilets, etc…) to insert our liners inside the damaged pipes to create a long-lasting “pipe-within-a-pipe.” The liner is pulled into place and then left to cure, so there is no damage or disruption to the building, tenants or residents.


The newly created pipe is ready for use immediately. Our work is designed to last up to 100 years and comes with a 20-year transferable warranty in most cases.

We are able to restore an entire sewer line, so you can avoid the headache and cost of a sewer line replacement. We can also do a spot repair, focusing on a small section of damaged pipes. Our technology works on pipes less than two inches in diameter and pipes as big as 12 inches in diameter.

Our sewer line rehabilitation can cost half the price of traditional pipe replacement or repair. There is also little structural modification involved because there is no need to tear up the street or lawn, reducing labor and clean-up costs