How Does NuFlow Indy Access My Pipes To Fix Them Without Digging?

no dig pipe repair

Traditional sewer line repair requires digging to the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one – but not NuFlow Indy. We can fix your sewer line problems without digging up your yard, driveway or street. You can see how our no-dig, trenchless pipe repair works by watching this video or reading this step-by-step guide.

We eliminate the need for digging by using existing access points to line old pipes instead of replacing them. We fix your cracked, leaking or even collapsed pipes through a hole just a few inches wide, that is likely on your property already.

But what are those access points and where can you find them? Let us explain. 

First, we’ll look for a cleanout. A cleanout is a pipe with a screw cap that serves as the access point to your sewer system. It’s usually found sticking out above the ground in your yard near an exterior wall, often near a main level bathroom. It could also be in your basement. Cleanouts make our inspections or repairs very easy. We just unscrew the cap to get started and screw the cap back on to clean up.

If you don’t have a cleanout, don’t worry. We still have other options. We can also fix or inspect your pipes by pulling your toilet. We’ll temporarily remove the toilet to get into the pipes behind it, and we’ll put the toilet back when we’re done. This way, your yard is untouched.

Our final option might surprise you. Yes, your pipes are underground – but we can often fix them by climbing up on your roof and accessing your sewer line through the vent stack. It’s another option to avoid destroying your landscaping or sidewalks like traditional pipe repair or replacement requires.

If you don’t have a cleanout, it’s important to note that some municipalities will require us to install one outdoors. You can also request an outdoor cleanout installation, if you want crews to have the ability to work on the sewer system without going inside your home or climbing on your roof. It does make repairs easier and cheaper. We can install an outdoor cleanout with minimal disruption to your yard or landscaping.

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