We understand the thought of digging up your yard, landscaping or driveway can be devastating. While in most cases we can rehabilitate your sewer line without digging, there are rare occasions when excavation cannot be avoided. Our expert team strives to minimize damage or disruption.

We go the extra mile to preserve your landscaping or the valuable design elements on your property whenever possible.

Take for example this testimonial from a customer who had to have a new sewer system installed in order to connect them to the city sewer. Instead of choosing the easier option and breaking up the sidewalk in their courtyard as many companies would do, our team worked around it.

“I am sure that for them, it would have been easier to have broken the sidewalk. But, this is a small example that shows that they care about their clients beyond just the task at hand,” said homeowner Brian.

In other cases, we’ve removed walkways brick-by-brick instead of destroying them with heavy equipment. We’ll discuss options with you prior to excavation and develop the least-disruptive plan of action possible.