If a municipality requires you to install a cleanout, or you would like to install one for easier access to your sewer, we have you covered.

A cleanout is a pipe with a screw cap that serves as the access point to your sewer system. It is usually found sticking out above the ground in your yard or near an exterior wall, often near a main level bathroom.

We use this point to perform our camera inspections, sewer line cleaning, and no-dig trenchless sewer repairs

If you don’t have a sewer line cleanout, or don’t know where it is, our technicians can still work to solve the problem. We can use other existing access points such as a toilet, roof vent stack, or other sewer line access that may exist inside your home.

However, sometimes a municipality requires the installation of an outdoor cleanout. A customer may also request an outdoor cleanout installation, so crews can work on the sewer system without going inside the property. It will make future repairs easier and cheaper. We install the cleanout with minimal disruption to your yard or landscaping.