NuFlow rehabilitates old, broken, blocked or corroded pipes using pipe lining technologies that don’t require digging.

Pipe lining creates a new pipe inside the old one, and the result is a seamless “pipe-within-a-pipe” that solves backup problems, seals cracks, and prevents further corrosion and root intrusion. Our trenchless, no-dig technology creates long-lasting solutions that will cost you less money and less time than traditional pipe repair.

Why use NuFlow Indy pipe lining? 

Our no-dig, trenchless pipe repair technology is fast, non-invasive and reliable. We use existing access points like cleanouts or toilet openings to reach your pipes instead of digging up your yard. There’s no need to tear out walls, cut up slabs or dig up yards.  



Benefits of trenchless sewer line repair: 


NuFlow Indy pipe lining doesn’t require a workforce of plumbers or lots of machinery. We don’t need to dig up your yard or tear open your walls. It’s a more efficient process than traditional plumbing, with little to no reconstruction costs. 


Our jobs typically are completed within a day. NuFlow technology doesn’t require digging and is minimally invasive. Our clients can usually go about their daily lives in their home or business as we work, meaning less downtime, damage and disruption.


NuFlow Indy pipe lining can structurally repair pipes, making them stronger than un-lined pipes. The new “pipe-within-a-pipe” is so strong it can prevent future root intrusion. Most of our work is built to last 100 years.


Learn more about our services below!

Camera Inspection

Diagnose a problem or get peace of mind.

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Sewer Cleaning

Clear pipes with a hydro-jet or mechanical clean.

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No-Dig Sewer Line Repair

Spot repair or a full repair without digging.

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Minimize damage with our expert team.

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Cleanout Installation

Install outdoor access point if required or requested.

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